James ‘JT’ Brown

James ‘JT’ Brown

Founder and CEO

As a young man, I grew up in one of the more challenging, under invested in neighborhoods of Chicago.  From those experiences you can say, I have been protecting people my entire life.  I was forced to understand concepts like situational awareness, surveillance detection, de-escalation, and unfortunately defensive tactics as a way of insuring my siblings, friends and myself made it safely to school long before ever enrolling in my first bodyguard academy.    

As individuals we often have a choice, we can allow our environments to inhibit us, or motivate us.  I chose to allow mine to motivate me to achieve more.  I utilized my athleticism and defensive skills to be the catalyst to help facilitate my college education as a two sport collegiate athlete excelling in football and wrestling.  It was through sports and my college exposure that I had the opportunity to embrace cultural, religious, ethnic, and social economic diversity from around the world.

Since graduating from Virginia Union University with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice and an Associates Degree in Entrepreneurial Management in 2015; we have been helping clients safely manage individual and organizational safety and efficiency.  Whether effectively managing your daily schedule, logistics, corporate meetings, or travel; we help safeguard your personal well-being, as well as your brand. 

Our protective agents and combative instructors are trained professionals who are trained in soft skills, reality based hard skills as well as cultural sensitivities.  They are as effective at recognizing a potential problem area, deescalating a misunderstanding, or neutralizing a threat.  We have experience in working with a diverse clientele from HNW individuals, celebrities, business executives to Middle Eastern royals. 

Our fitness instructors are prior multi-sport high school and collegiate athletes where functional fitness is more than just a job or a tagline, it has been our life’s work. 

We have experience in working with diverse clientele from high net worth individuals, celebrities, business executives to middle eastern royals.    We help provide you peace of mind whether at home, the office or on location.  We would welcome the opportunity to be of service to you.

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